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Couple Donates Wedding Gifts to Children’s Hospital

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May 15, 2019 at 03:52PM

Couple Donates Wedding Gifts to Children’s Hospital

Willy and Pat first met in 8th grade and became friends. But after high school, they went their separate ways. They hadn’t seen each other in 43 years, and then they connected on Facebook. Pat was coming to Florida for spring break. Pat asked Willy if he’d take her riding on his motorcycle. Willy asked Pat how many days should he set aside? Pat said just one. Well, they rode every day, and their love story began in Florida. They chatted Pat’s whole trip home to Ohio and continued chatting every day and night! At one point they chatted for 12 hours straight!

Pat retired and moved to Florida. They began to travel back and forth to Ohio for family events. On one trip back to Florida, Willy wanted to show Pat a view on Jellico Mountain in Tennessee. As they were looking left and right at the views, Pat turned to her right and Willy was on the knee with a rose and a ring. Willy began proposing to Pat. Through Pat’s excitement and tears, she said yes! And right there on Jellico Mountain, where his grandpa had married many couples before as justice of the peace, they became engaged. And on April 13, 2019, they became one. They had a beach themed wedding and reception. Bringing Florida to Ohio. They asked the guests to not bring them gifts but instead bring in toys for the children’s hospital. They had over 190 guests who brought in over 300 toys. The children’s hospital was ecstatic.

Now the Barnett’s are having a second reception in Florida, where they live, for everyone here. It will be at Biff Burger in St. Pete on Sunday, June 30 from 1 PM – 5 PM. They will furnish a free keg of beer, their non-alcohol signature drink, the band Underground Pilot, and Biff Burger will be selling their pulled pork dinner for $5. And of course, free cupcakes. They are again asking the guest to bring an unwrapped toy for the children’s hospital, ages 0-18. Let’s top Ohio and collect more than 300 toys. Thank you from Will and Pat Barnett.

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