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`93 Honda CBR900RR Goes for $24,000

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October 09, 2019 at 06:36PM

Our friends at Iconic Motorbikes and have collaboratively started up an online auction business, dealing mainly in, what shall we call these superbikes of the `90s? Classic superbikes? Pre-Recession Relics? This zero-miles CBR already sold a week or two ago for a somewhat hefty sum, but then this is a special 27-year old RR. Here’s part of its description:

Currently located at our headquarters in Marina del Rey, California, this CBR (VIN: JH2SC2813PM100015) spent years on display in a window at Kolbe Honda in Woodland Hills, California – Honda’s first American motorcycle franchise. If you asked us to find you a 0-mile Honda RC30 today, we know of six that we could source for you. But this is the only 0-mile CBR900RR we’ve ever seen, and as you can guess from the VIN, it’s very early production (January 1992). It’s nearly perfect – the only issue is a flaw in the right side tank logo, and our White Glove service can help make it perfect for a purist.

Seems like a lot for a mass-produced Honda you really can’t ride at all, but what do we know? It is an historically important motorcycle, for sure. This was the first street-going open-classer to really stress light weight and compactness; the 900RR really did light the fuse on the superbike wars that continue to this day – unfortunately rendering many of them completely impractical as street machines. But then those beget the new Tuono-style naked bikes, so we really can’t complain…

It was a simpler time, children.

If you find yourself drawn to the motorcycles of the era, and don’t necessarily need a perfect one with zero miles, Iconic does manage to round up a lot of really clean examples, that don’t necessarily go for outrageous prices – along with an eclectic selection of all sorts of interesting two- and three-wheeled vehicles from the past.

First year R1s in red and white are tough to find; this one with 4500 miles sold for less than $8k.

For those looking to buy or sell a special motorcycle, who don’t want to deal with Craigslist low-ballers and other assorted flakes, Iconic Auctions offers more of a brokerage service. The place is staffed with experts as we learned last year, and for $75, they’ll write your ad, vet the legitimacy of your intended transaction, and handle as many of the details as you need them to, wherever in the world you are. Interesting.

Hide your credit card from yourself, and see what’s on the auction block this week here. I do not need a $3,800 Yamaha RZ500 “project.”


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